New Mobile Solar Powered CCTV Trailers

LED Traffic Equipment

Traffic Equipment Australia specialises in the latest LED Traffic Signage solutions. We provide LED VMS trailer sign solutions for roadwork's, speed control, traffic control, construction sites and advertising. Here at Traffic Equipment Australia we use only the latest technology to provide real cutting edge Road Traffic Equipment solutions.

Traffic Equipment Solutions

Traffic Equipment Australia specialises in LED traffic solutions Australia wide. Our Traffic Equipment solutions suit roadwork's, Civil and Commercial applications. Traffic Equipment Australia have completed many LED signage projects using the latest state of the art LED technology, LED software and in some cases the latest 3G 4G Technology. Not sure which Traffic Equipment solution is right for your project or business? Talk to one of our Traffic Equipment professionals today by calling 1300 980 927 or use our online booking form.

Traffic Equipment Products

Traffic Equipment Australia offers a wide range of class leading world 1st traffic equipment solutions. Our wide range of traffic equipment solutions includes CCTV VMS trailers, VMS Trailers, Solar Lighting Towers, Speed Radar Signs and LED Road Traffic Signs. We also supply our popular vehicle mounted range of traffic control sign-age. Our vehicle mounted traffic control range includes Amber Arrow Boards, Amber Variable Message Signs and 5 Colour Variable Message boards.

Innovative Traffic Equipment Solutions

Traffic Equipment Australia prides itself on developing and introducing new and innovative Traffic Equipment Solutions to the Australian market. Responding to the needs of our Australian clients our Road Traffic Solutions are designed to Australian requirements made in our state of the art Global Manufacturing facility to be then assembled in Australia and pass our strict Australian quality control and testing procedures.

VMS trailer sign range

Traffic Equipment Australia has released its new 2018 range of VMS trailer signs. Featuring Brighter and larger LED's and our external recharge system. Other features include the Latest MRPT technology inverter which is 30% more efficient. Our Amber VMS trailers are suitable for road works, construction and maintenance, mines, traffic control, commercial and private use. All our trailers come galvanised and powder coated as standard and we offer a range of VMS colour options including white, Roadwork's Yellow and Roadwork's Orange. - [more info on our vms trailer range]

New Solar Powered LED lighting tower

Our new solar powered LED lighting towers are solar powered and ECO friendly. No need to keep filling generators with polluting fuel. Capable of running all threw the night. Our solar Portable LED Lighting Tower feature an Hydraulic mast and the latest General Electric LED globes - [more solar lighting tower info]

VMS CCTV Trailers

Always willing to innovate, our latest range of Solar powered CCTV VMS trailers feature both the latest 5 colour VMS signs and the addition of 4 High Definition CCTV cameras with Night Vision. This makes our VMS CCTV Trailers the perfect solution for both security applications and public broadcast messages. With built in state of the art CCTV, NVR and Australian made Military grade solar controllers we have the very best world class CCTV VMS solution available today. Our Motto is Create and Innovate - [more cctv trailer info]

Truck Mounted Vehicle Range

Our Truck Mounted Range of VMS Signs and Arrow Boards are industry proven in the road traffic equipment industry. Truck Mounted VMS LED signage is the perfect solution for Road works, Civil, Mining and any other industry where road safety is important - [vehicle mounted range info]

Solar Powered CCTV Towers

Our Latest Solar powered CCTV towers are perfect for project management and site works safety. Our High end CCTV PTZ cameras feature zoom, Night Vision and Auto tracking capability. Our Mobile CCTV towers come in a wide range of different specifications - [more solar cctv towers info]

Arrow Board Trailers

Our Arrow Board Trailer Range of Traffic Signs are built to Australian Standards and use the latest generation super bright LED globes. Our Arrow Board Trailers feature Electronic Hydraulic Lift and 360' Swivel for unparalleled manoeuvrability - [more info on our arrow board trailers]